Kevin's Story

Chili Making.jpg

Kevin Hampson making his infamous BBQ chili. 



The Maddie Lou BBQ food truck has been a dream of Kevin that has became a reality in spring of 2017.

Kevin Hampson has always been a connoisseur in the kitchen and usually fixing a meal with a creative recipe he has thought up. When his children would ask what was for dinner--his response was always the same, "I don't know, but come taste this!" He could make a meal from random ingredients and it has always tasted amazing. Kevin started his love of smoking meats, doing pork and beef for family functions and church picnics, but has always loved the smile that he gets when someone enjoys his food--which led him to want to open his own food business. His family got after him to start a restaurant so he did, Maddie Lou’s BBQ.  He personally designed the trailer that you'll see when you visit to strategically have everything he'll need to create some amazing BBQ meals.  Kevin has always wanted to fill the void of good barbecue in central PA and the surrounding area--and now that void is no more!

Maddie Lou’s is named after Madeline Louise, Kevin’s youngest daughter of 4 kids. All of his sides are family recipes and the rubs are all of Kevin's creations.  He takes full pride in everything which all is made from scratch! Kevin hopes you come out to try some of the amazing food from Maddie Lou's BBQ and flash the "wow, this is amazing" smile!



Kevin will be happy to see you stop by and enjoy the smile he promises you'll have when you try the food!